Best Projector Under $100 – ( 2022 Buyer’s Guide )

When it’s a matter of watching movies, waiting for a weekend to playing video games or watching your favorite football game, having a big quality screen can simply double up the fun and excitement. And that’s why we are here with the top trending best projector under 100 with all of the important features and other specs.

Although, you don’t even need to break the bank or empty your wallet for further purchasing of those huge expensive LED televisions. Now, you can easily entertain yourself just with the help of the best projector under 100.

As we all know that the projectors can easily create a theater-style display and overall look in your home within effective price tags. There are so many high-quality projectors available in the market, but which one is best for you, you can easily find here in this article.

So, let’s start to read out all those reviews below and pick up the perfect one for yourself.

The Best Projector Under $100 Comparison Table

Product Name Customer Rating Quality Check Price
VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector
(Editor Choice)
96/100 High Quality Check Price
DR. J Professional Projector 98/100 High Quality Check Price
Jinhoo WiFi Mini Projector 96/100 High Quality Check Price
VIVIMAGE Mini Projector 98/100 High Quality Check Price
COFUN Led Video Projector 97/100 High Quality Check Price
GooDee Mini Projector 90/100 High Quality Check Price
QKK Mini Projector 96/100 High Quality Check Price
DBPOWER Lux Mini Projector 94/100 High Quality Check Price
DBPOWER 2800Lux Video Projector 94/100 High Quality Check Price

1) VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170” Display Supported

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 9 x 5.9 x 3.1 in
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Display technology: LCD
  • Price: under $100.

This best cheap projector under 100 is the perfect solution for you to enjoy your movies, listening to your music, watching sports, playing games, and much more.

It has made with the superior watch lightning to further provide you with 60% plus brightness, and you can watch better effects through this best mini projector under 100.

However, with the help of this projector under 100, you will be able to watch on its high resolution of 1920*1080p that would be an ideal home entertainment for you.

You would surely get love to use this mini projector as it is very light in weight and of course, offer you with so many awesome features to be used for. Just plugin, and enjoy your favorite movies, playing the game, and much more with fewer difficulties.

However, it is also good for the use of your office presentations, as well as school/college functions and much more. It is a multi-tasking projector that can be used widely in anywhere.

Main Features

  • This mini projector under 100 can be easily connected to your smartphones, PS4, Xbox, laptop, computers to enjoy games further.
  • Offer you with big-screen experience and absolute picture clarity.
  • There would be no more fan noise or any kind of distraction, all thanks to its fan noise suppression system.
  • Offer you with 60% extra brightness effects,
  • Perfect for big rooms and a dark environment.

as you can read best projector for outdoor movies also.



2) DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported Portable Movie Projector

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 8 x 2.7 x 6.02 in
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Display technology: LCD
  • Price: under $100

The best home projector under 100, which has made with all the imported and improved material to give you extra reliability and durability. The best portable projector under 100 that would be highly recommended to you.

The best hd projector under 100 that has many built-in features such as its high resolution 1080p along with the contrast ratio of 2000:1, whereas, it may also offer you with 40000 hours of lamp life.

It may also give you the watching size of around 32 inches to 176 inches, that’s why we said that this one is the best movie projector under 100.

However, it would be an ideal choice for you to play games, watching videos, and much more through its HDMI connection. Of course, you can also get the easy connection direct to your home theater system, or as well as you can connect to the surround sound system for a perfect result.

Furthermore, the projector can also help you to manage your teamwork, explain your presentations to your clients, make your children happier when they enjoy their rhymes, well, in short, this is a complete home theatre system to your house.

Main Features

  • Offer you with its contrast ratio of 2000:1.
  • Brilliant performance and always shows the HD quality visibility.
  • An ideal choice for every other home entertainment.
  • Multimedia portable projector.
  • It is recommended to use in dark places.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor theatres.



3) WiFi Mini Projector, Jinhoo M10 2019 Latest Update

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 8 x 5.9 x 3.1 in
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Display technology: LCD
  • Price: under $89.

Here comes the best video projector under 100 which is all made up of wireless connectivity and awesome picture quality. You will experience such easiness and convenient options through its WIFI.

However, it may provide you with the possibilities of 3500 lumens, which means it can cover the overall brightness while giving you the best results for sure.

Furthermore, it could be the ideal best projector under 100 for anyone out there who always wanted to grab something by which they can enjoy their alone time perfectly.

With the help of its WiFi and other connection processes, you can instantly get the connection with your favorite DVD player or as well as with your traditional video playing method.

Built-in with some other factors that may actually make this projector different from others. It is more reliable and very easy to use, while its WIFI options will bring out such a convenient way for you.

Main Features

  • Offer you with its contrast ratio of 2000:1.
  • Brilliant performance and always shows the HD quality visibility.
  • An ideal choice for every other home entertainment.
  • Multimedia portable projector.
  • It is recommended to use in dark places.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor theatres.



4) VIVIMAGE C480 Mini Projector, 3800 Lux 1080P Supported

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 87 x 5.9 x 2.75 in
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Display technology: LCD
  • Price: under $75.

It is actually one of the top projectors under 100,which has made up along with all the advanced features to provide you with absolute brightness and overall clarity. With the help of its LCD technology, you will experience a professional video projector.

However, it may also support an overall 1080p resolution, while offering you with 2000:1 contrast, and as well as it has now upgraded 3800 lux brightness. It is the best portable projector under 100 and ideal for home entertainment.

Vivimage projector is now compatible along with your TV Stick, laptops, PCs, Tablets, SD card, Blue-ray DVD player, USB Flash Drive, and as well as Media players. You will surely love the projector, and its easy to use features and functions.

However, this projector can also bring it out the premium version of viewing experience and as well as give you the feel of a Full HD professional video projector.

No more fan noise, and no more distraction, just enjoy your time ahead while watching videos through the projector.

Main Features

  • It can offer you widescreen 1080p support.
  • Give you the breathtaking brightness.
  • Full-on flexible One-Touch Zoom.
  • Also, provide you with Extra-long lamp life.
  • A perfect and compact home entertainment.
  • Also, offer you its high-quality performance and reliability.



5) Projector, COFUN Video Projector 2800Lux, Full HD Projector

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 76 x 5.98 x 2.85 in
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Display technology: LCD

Price: under $99.

This projector offers you with some exciting features and built-in easy to operate functions by which you can find the awesome color contrast and brightness to watch your favorite movies and playing such games.

One of the good projectors under 100 has an ultra-big screen size that may actually come from 28” to 120” at a projection distance towards the 3.0-11.6feet.

You will surely get to enjoy this best projector under 100, and it may also bring it out the awesome home entertainment experience so that you can enjoy some quality time with your friends and families.

Also, it offers now with extended hours of lamp life of around 50,000, which means you can now watch your favorite movies and can play games without any issue. You may surely love the style and compact feature of this projector, which is also too good for both big to small rooms as well.

Main Features

  • Made with the large advanced protection.
  • Offering you with its built-in dual cooling fan system.
  • 50,000 extended lamp hours life.
  • It can be mounted easily.
  • Powerful built-in features and connections.
  • Colorful picture quality.
  • Full-on supportive connections and other features,



6) GooDee Mini Projector, LED Pico Projector, Pocket Video

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 31 x 3.94 x 2.36 in
  • Weight: 59 pounds
  • Display technology: LED
  • Price: under $49.

The best iphone projector under 100is made with an extended lamp life to give you such an impressive 30000 hours. However, this is the most portable projector for you that can easily last up to 20 years (which means it can cover 4 hours a day).

Also, the projector has come up with the feature of having a lower noise at the time of using. And of course, it has made off with sturdy material. The projector is also very suitable to be used in your outdoor places like the backyard or arrange any parties with your friends and family.

This mini compact projector is the best projector under 100, which is now able to be easily and conveniently powered by a power bank; that would be too good for you on-the-go moment.

One of the best and yet very affordable projectors for you that come up with all the useful features. You don’t need to go for further cable connections. This versatile performance projector is here to solve your connectivity issues.

Main Features

  • It can easily be powered by a power bank.
  • A complete travel video projector.
  • 30,000 of the extended long lamp life.
  • It contains no or lower noise while using it.
  • No more fan noises or other distractions at all.
  • Made with compact size and elegant style
  • It can be easily wall mounted.



7) QKK [2019 Upgrade] Mini Projector [with Tripod]

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 5 x 9.4 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Display technology: LED
  • Price: under $96.

The best projector under 100is made with the highest resolution of 1080p to give you more accurate picture performance and as well as can enhance your overall visuality.

However, this best-led projector under 100 can give you the tough max support of 170″ display size, along with this, you won’t need to go further and buy some expensive TVs at all, this projector is all enough for you.

Thus, start to enjoy your favorite games on the large game views while choosing this outstanding projector. It may also give you the support of HDMI and USB connection for your easiness.

There would be no noise at all, once you start playing the projector right ahead. Although, it can also fulfill your all demands and offering you the best visual quality as well. Also, if you love to watch your favorite movies and videos while sitting in your backyard, then this projector will surely be your best companion.

Main Features

  • It is all full HD 1080p supported projector.
  • It comes with the upgrade brightness and clear picture contrasts.
  • It gives you the overall contrast ratio of 2000:1.
  • It will also provide you with an extended 50,000 hours of lamp life.
  • It can be easily connected to smartphones.
  • You can watch your favorite videos, even in your backyard.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor.



8) DBPOWER Projector, Upgraded 3500 Lux Mini Projector

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension:8 x 2.8 x 7.3 in
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Display technology: LCD

Price: under $69.

The best 1080p projector under 100is now upgraded to its 70+brightness to give you all the perfect features and visibility. This best pico projector under 100 has consisted of the 2019 new lighting technology, and it has now upgraded to 3500 lumens brightness.

However, with the help of its large screen capacity and as well as its long lamp life of 50,000 hours, it will surely provide you with outstanding coverage and of course, a better view.

It can easily display images within 32 – 170 inches, and also, it can support the highest resolution of 1920*1080 along with 50, 000 hours long term lamp life.

Also, it gives you the overall 2000: 1 contrast ratio, whereas the aspect ratio is about 16:9. It has also made those collected every plugs and function by which you may find extra convenience for the purpose of use.

It can also give you the connections like AV in/out, USB, TF Cards, HDMI Port, and VGA Port are all included. It is also compatible with USB Flash Drive, laptop, Video Games, computers, Blue Ray DVD Player, etc.

Main Features

  • It comes with dual built-in stereo speakers.
  • Offers you the function of a smart mirror with your smartphones/pad.
  • You can easily experience with its multiple connections.
  • You can now enjoy its big screen of 176 inches.
  • Upgraded LCD technology version.



9) 2019 Upgraded Mini Projector, DBPOWER 2400Lux Portable Video Projector

Quick Overview Of the Product​

  • Dimension: 4 x 5.9 x 3 in
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Display technology: LED
  • Price: under $79.

This best micro projector under 100 is the right choice for you as it has made with all the necessary features and as well as offering you outstanding picture quality, although it could be the most perfect and ideal home cinematic version for you.

However, it may offer you the overall contrast ratio of 2000:1 and as well as it has a 16:10 aspect ratio. Whereas the projector gives you the distance with 1.5-5.2 meters, and the projection size can easily be applied to 50-176 inches.

Also, you can find the recommended viewing distance would be around 3m. So, now take a deep breathe and enjoy the mini home theatre experience right under your home. This could be the best gift you can give to anyone.

Furthermore, the LED projector is also providing you with its 2400 lumens brightness quality, that means you can now view brighter picture than other 1800lux led projectors.

Main Features

  • It may give you the lamp life, which is more than 50000hours.
  • A perfect quality LED projector.
  • It is very simple to use and affordable in the price rates.
  • It also has various connections.
  • You can experience a better image quality with its upgraded brightness.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are 200 lumens bright enough for a projector?

So, apparently, this projector, which has 200 lumens, is actually equipped with LED technology, and the lamps would not be compared to the older traditional Mercury lamps. Whereas, LED lamps are normally brighter, and 200 Lumes output would be good for a dim room.

Which projector is a better LED or LCD?

Well, if you are low on a budget, then you can choose a single chip LCD projector, this would be ideal for you. However, 3-chip LCDs give you better color saturation; they are lower in noise levels and as well as work better for watching movies. Though, LED projectors can offer you a lifespan of above 20,000 hours.

How do I choose a good projector?

You can choose the best projector under 100 if you know exactly which features to be looking for and which are not. However, the main features of the projector would be its Lumens, Contrast Ratio, Resolution, and as well as its Screen Size.

Which type of projector is best?

Well, there are different types of projector available, but of course, many people suggest to choose the LED or LCD projectors because these types may offer you better and extended hours of lamp life and built with strong construction as well.


So, here you have come to an end now.

The best projector under 100, we know how terrific it would have become to not even finding the right projector of your choice, right? But, don’t you worry about at all, we have already shown you the top-rated products available in the market.

These projectors are all good in giving you the satisfying moment of picture quality, better brightness, accurate color contrasts, and much more.

So, why are you waiting for? Pick up the best one now, and don’t forget to share your experience and views with us in our comment section below.

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