Our founder and editor In chief. The father of three is a Electronics engineer in one of the leading electronics manufacturers with over five years of experience designing and building electronics machine.

  Kevin Brown

Positive feedback from consumers who appreciated seats that he played a part in building inspired him to start this site.

He intends to help his readers to buy projector. Like pocket projector, outdoor projector.
As the editor in chief, he also ensures that the shared information is legit

There are many types of projectors that you can buy for your projector. While a team of a team can be difficult to choose it’s important that you choose the right projector for your needs, because this will affect everything from size and shape to usability and value.

When buying a projector, consider what type of projector you want. There are several types of projectors on the market, each designed to meet different needs: – Pocket Projector

– Tabletop Projector

– Outdoor Projector

– Video Projectors